Knotts Dance Company
In 2000, Ryan and Monica Shen Knotts founded the Knotts Dance Company, then known as Radical Vintage, to explore theatrical social dance with a historic basis.

The Knotts Dance Company (KDC) performs both vintage and Radical Vintage dances around the Bay Area. We specialize in adventurous pieces that push the bounds of historical social dance with more speed, strength, and modern musicality. As seasoned couple dance performers, KDC dancers also display their extensive training in a wide variety of backgrounds - ballet, jazz, martial arts, gymnastics, and ballroom dance.

KDC presented "Stepping Out," in March 2004, a successful showcase of 21 dances and 6 songs, and "The Dance Hall at the End of the Universe" in March 2002. We have made frequent appearances at Stanford Dance Week concerts, PEERS Balls, Big Dance, and the Stanford Viennese Ball.

The Knotts Dance Company repertoire ranges from the 19th, 20th, to 21st centuries. Choreography by Monica Shen Knotts and Ryan Knotts unless otherwise noted:

Big Air
Big Air II
Blues, by Robert Moses
Cabaret Charleston
Charleston Extravaganza
Costume Parade
Il Ballerino
Jane Austen and Jazz (Regency/Lindy Hop)
Jazz Cotillion
Last Call
Mayhem - The Bar Brawl
Mazurka Quadrille, as reconstructed by Richard Powers
Millenium CanCan Quadrille
No Name Jive, Lindy Hop solo by Rob and Diane van Haaren
Redowa in Techno Time - Spybreak from The Matrix
Radical Vintage Reel
Schottische Duet
Stepping Out - Theatrical Foxtrot
Tango, by Elizabeth McGee, Becky Boosalis, Ryan and Monica
Techno Redowa
Vivid Galop
Watercolor Waltz
Waltz Solo - Si Volvieras a Mi
Whistle Stop - Lindy Hop solo

Monica Shen Knotts and Ryan Knotts have choreographed dances performed by other dance troupes, including the Stanford Vintage Dance Ensemble, Danse Libre, decadance, Stanford Swingtime, and the Lexington Vintage Dancers:

A Day at the Races - reconstruction of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers 1937 film
Cross Step Waltz Cotillion
Edinburgh Schottische
Elana Viennese Waltz
Finale Blanc
Flying Home - Lindy Hop by Michael Marangio, Ryan and Monica
Go Daddy-O - Lindy Hop revival
Menagerie - Animal Dances
One Step Caper
Posin - Savoy Style Lindy Hop
Royal Boston Waltz by Monica Shen Knotts, Ryan Knotts, Richard Powers
Samba by Richard Powers, Jonathan Troiano, Monica Shen Knotts
Spring Rain - Waltz in Syncopation
-Monica and Ryan